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  • Flavianamore than an year ago
    I bought from them a £300 Canon compact camera. They had a competitive price, about £70 less than any other online retailer, but there is a reason why!

    The camera arrived quickly, but on the box it says it's only destined to the Japan marketplace, which means that the Canon warranty is not valid in the UK. There also were no instructions in English. But these were not the worst points...

    ... I noticed dust and "stains" inside the lens of the camera, and contacted them about it. They told me to send the camera back, at my own expense, and I so I did. Once they received it, they told me that their warranty doesn't cover damage of dust or water, and so if I wanted to "repair" the camera, I would have had to spend £60. We are talking about a new camera here.

    I refused and they told me that I had to pay £20 for them to return the camera to me. Twenty pounds!!! Not even the most expensive courier charges that much for such a small package.

    I had to pay the £20, otherwise they would have kept my £300 camera.

    The moral of the story is: do not buy from them, spend £70 more and buy from famous UK internet sites (like Currys), and not one that ships from Japan and whose warranty and customer service are appalling.
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