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  • Panasonic ER2302

    Panasonic ER2302

    Panasonic ER 2302 Bartschneider

  • Panasonic ER 1611

    Panasonic ER 1611

  • Panasonic ER1411

    Panasonic ER1411

    Revolving cylinder engine Weight: 150 grams Stainless steel and chrome 1 hour's charging time allows for 80 minutes' operation without the cable Speed: 22, 000 revolutions per...

  • Panasonic ER 1421

    Panasonic ER 1421

    Professional trimmer with mains operation / rechargeable battery. The special combination of diamond coating with a titanium ensures long-lasting sharpness and...

  • Panasonic ER-412
    This product is currently out of stock.

    Panasonic ER-412

    Weight: 64 g, Trimmer: Ear, nose

  • Panasonic ER2403
    This product is currently out of stock.

    Panasonic ER2403

    Blade suitable for ER-2403 trimmer It is genuine Panasonic spare parts Replacement blade designed and assembled to custom fit your specific trimmer model It ensure optimum...