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  • Virginia Gold Tobacco eLiquid
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    Virginia Gold Tobacco eLiquid

    Virginia Gold Tobacco is a must have for any rolling tobacco lover. It's a very complex flavour that replicated your favourite brand of "roll-ups" perfectly. Buy rolling papers and...

  • Cola Bottles eLiquid
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    Cola Bottles eLiquid

    Cola Bottles are the Ultimate Retro Sweet. This eLiquid has a really good Fizzy Cola taste and a brilliant smell.eLiquid Refill for eCigarettes.Witches' Brew eLiquid is...

  • CE4+ & CE6+ Clearomizer Tips / Mouthpieces
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    CE4+ & CE6+ Clearomizer Tips / Mouthpieces

    Change the look of your eCigarette immediately with a Multi-Pack of 5 x Tips to fit our CE4+ / Stardust & CE6+ Clearomizers.The Tips are available in either Round or Flat shape....

  • eCigarette AC / USB Plug - Euro Fitting
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    eCigarette AC / USB Plug - Euro Fitting

    This ' eCigarette AC / USB Plug - Euro Fitting ' can be used with any USB electronic device when on holiday etc. Euro socket fitting so will not work in UK plug sockets.LED light,...

  • iJOY® MAXO™ QUAD 315W

    iJOY® MAXO™ QUAD 315W

    The iJOY® MAXO™ QUAD is a heavy-hitting MOD capable of driving ANY tank currently available! Housing either 2 or 4 18650 batteries (select option to include) makes this MOD more...

  • Eleaf® Melo™ 3 Nano

    Eleaf® Melo™ 3 Nano

    Eleaf® Melo™ 3 Nano, the latest tank in the Melo™ series. The Melo™ 3 Nano has a slight twist on it's Melo™ predecessors as it is made predominantly for those who like to mouth to...

  • eGo-T® 1100
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    eGo-T® 1100

    The eGo-T® is part of every vapers arsenal, simply to use and enough capacity to last a full day of vaping.This eGo-T® 1100mAh Battery can be used with any eGo or 510 Fitting...

  • Spearmint eLiquid
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    Spearmint eLiquid

    Cool Spearmint flavour that leaves an amazingly fresh taste in your mouth. Our spearmint eliquid is a must have for chewing gum and mint fans alike.eLiquid Refill for...

  • Witch Tobacco eLiquid
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    Witch Tobacco eLiquid

    This is our Famous Vanilla & Tobacco Blend. This eLiquid is very clear in colour and has a very clean, pure taste. There is no horrible smell and you will be very happy exchanging...

  • KangerTech® BCC Coils
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    KangerTech® BCC Coils

    This BCC Coil is compatible with the KangerTech® EVOD, Mini ProTank and eGo® ViViTank.The replacement coils are available Singulary or in a 5 Pack.These heads are remarkably easy...

  • Heisenbrew eLiquid
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    Heisenbrew eLiquid

    Heisenberg eLiquid was a secret recipe, but our Witches have dissected it and brewed a batch of their own.Deliciously juicy with a cooling crystal blue aftertaste! Enter:...

  • Joyetech® eGo™ AIO Box

    Joyetech® eGo™ AIO Box

    New to vaping? or currently using a basic CE4 type kit? Fancy trying a Box shape battery but not sure what all the fuss is about? The Joyetech® eGo™ AIO Box is just what you...

  • Suorin® Air™ Cartridges
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    Suorin® Air™ Cartridges

    Cartridges for use with the Suorin® Air™ Starter Kit.We offer these coils for sale either singularly or a 3 pack. Shipped in individual boxes with authentication code.*PLEASE NOTE*...

  • Aspire® PockeX™ Coils
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    Aspire® PockeX™ Coils

    Aspire® PockeX™ Coils feature the innovative U-Tech™ technology. Having two vertical coils, the airflow (rather than coming in at the base) is drawn in via the top of the tank,...

  • Grape eLiquid
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    Grape eLiquid

    Grape is a superb flavour, packed with all the natural essences of the vinyard, one of our all-time best sellers. It's a Must!eLiquid Refill for eCigarettes.Witches' Brew eLiquid...

  • Black Jacks eLiquid
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    Black Jacks eLiquid

    Little black liquorish and aniseed Sweets that made your tongue turn, well... black. All the flavour of Blackjack sweets is in this eLiquid and you don't have to worry about a...

  • Peppermint eLiquid
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    Peppermint eLiquid

    This eLiquid delivers a cool, intense peppermint blast, it is fresh and minty just like your favourite peppermint sweets.eLiquid Refill for eCigarettes.Witches' Brew eLiquid is...

  • Aspire® CF™ G-Power 1300

    Aspire® CF™ G-Power 1300

    The CF™ G-Power range are excellent entry level batteries from Aspire® with some fantastic additional features.The 1300mAh internal battery is designed to provide around 10-14...

  • Vision® USB Charger
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    Vision® USB Charger

    A USB charger by Vision®.This charger will work on any ego or 510 fitting battery which uses this type of screw-in charger.The USB fitting will go into any PC or Laptop, and is...

  • Suorin® Air™ Starter Kit

    Suorin® Air™ Starter Kit

    The Suorin® Air™ is a game changing all-in-one device that is redefining the term "stealth vaping". Smaller than a credit card, and slimmer than a standard ballpoint pen; the...

  • Strawberry eLiquid
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    Strawberry eLiquid

    Sweet, succulent, strawberries.Let me take you down, 'cos i'm going to Strawberry fields.eLiquid Refill for eCigarettes.Witches' Brew eLiquid is manufactured in our purpose built...

  • Vanilla eLiquid
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    Vanilla eLiquid

    The rich, warm taste of real Vanilla with a slightly sweet twist.Perfect on it's own and an ideal mixer for blending tobacco and sweet eLiquids.eLiquid Refill for...

  • Doublemint eLiquid
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    Doublemint eLiquid

    Minty Mixture that's double the mint, twice the flavour, twice the fun!eLiquid Refill for eCigarettes.Witches' Brew eLiquid is manufactured in our purpose built 'HEPA filtered'...

  • KangerTech® EVOD™
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    KangerTech® EVOD™

    The Kanger® EVOD Bottom Coil Clearomizer (BCC) is the latest technology from the manufacturer of the famous 'ProTank™'. Kanger® are renowned for their Exceptional Build Quality.The...

  • Texan Blend Tobacco eLiquid
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    Texan Blend Tobacco eLiquid

    Our 'Texan Blend Tobacco' is a straight up Real Tobacco Taste! No added 'Twists', 'Nut' or 'Caramel' notes just straight up Tobacco, Nothing Else!eLiquid Refill for...

  • KangerTech® T3'D™
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    KangerTech® T3'D™

    The T3'D™ is a progression from the T3'S™ from leading eCigarette manufacturer Kangertech®.The T3'D™ utlises the new, enhancedKangertech® Dual Coil, this is updated from the single...

  • Aspire® K2™
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    Aspire® K2™

    Aspire® have released the K2™, a slightly updated version of the ever-popular K1™ Glassomizer. The eLiquid capacity has been increased from 1.5ml to 1.8ml and the connection has...

  • Eleaf® iStick™ TC200W

    Eleaf® iStick™ TC200W

    The Eleaf® iStick™ TC200W Box Mod builds upon the highly acclaimed Wismec® RX200's architecture design, featuring a triple 18650 battery platform while integrating a powerful 200W...

  • KangerTech® PGOCC Coils
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    KangerTech® PGOCC Coils

    The KangerTech® PGOCC is a cartomizer style coil with a built-in chimney. The KangerTech® PGOCC coils are specifically designed for a simple and clean removal. This unique design...

  • Innokin® iClear™ 16D Coils
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    Innokin® iClear™ 16D Coils

    The Innokin® iClear™ 16D is a great device that utilises dual coils arranged perpendicular to each other creating a larger surface area which results inno dry hits and a warm...

  • Eleaf® ASTER™ Total Kit

    Eleaf® ASTER™ Total Kit

    The Eleaf® ASTER™ Total is an integration of both a battery and a tank in one unit yet still retains the ergonomically redesigned shape of original ASTER™ that perfectly fits in...

  • eCigarette AC / USB Plug - UK Fitting
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    eCigarette AC / USB Plug - UK Fitting

    This ' eCigarette AC / USB Plug - UK Fitting ' can be used with any USB electronic device to connect with a UK wall socket.LED light, Red indicates Power.Lightweight and...

  • Blueberry eLiquid
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    Blueberry eLiquid

    This is a very pleasant eLiquid, real fruity Blueberry flavour with loads of vapour production. You will not be disappointed.eLiquid Refill for eCigarettes.Witches' Brew eLiquid is...

  • eGo® CE4+™ - Multipack
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    eGo® CE4+™ - Multipack

    This is a multipack of 5 x CE4+™ tanks in a choice of 7 colours or a variety option.The most popular tank in vaping, the eGo® CE4+™, also sometimes called Stardust or Cyclone.With...

  • Stainless Steel Mouthpiece / Drip Tip
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    Stainless Steel Mouthpiece / Drip Tip

    Change the look of your eCigarette immediately with a new Mouthpiece / Drip Tip.Upgrade the Aesthetics of the Favourite Tank System with these Drip Tips. Made from durable...

  • Aspire® BVC Coils
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    Aspire® BVC Coils

    Building on from the BDC coil, Aspire® have changed the coil to a vertical one and added Japanese Organic Cotton wicking, meaning more reliability and maximum flavour.These coils...

  • 10ml eLiquid Bottle (3 Pack)
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    10ml eLiquid Bottle (3 Pack)

    Pack of Three complete 10ml eLiquid Bottles. These bottles come with the Drippers, Lids and Blank Labels included.The bottles are HDPE and have a Warning triangle moulded into the...

  • Aspire® Triton™ Coils
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    Aspire® Triton™ Coils

    These are replacement coils for use in the Aspire® Triton™ series. The coils are made from Japanese Organic Cotton to create the best taste possible from your eLiquid. They're...

  • Vaporesso® cCell™ Coils
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    Vaporesso® cCell™ Coils

    The cCell™ coil from Vaporesso®is a real game changer.It comes with a revolutionary heating element and unique structure. A true Ceramic coil featuring a porous ceramic wicking...

  • Superhero Vape Wrappers - 18650 Battery Wraps
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    Superhero Vape Wrappers - 18650 Battery Wraps

    Who wouldn't like to be a superhero? Well, now you can turn your battery into one with these colourful Superhero Battery Wraps. These PVC heat-shrink battery wraps are designed for...