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  • The Pasta Bible
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    The Pasta Bible

    This superb book is a comprehensive guide to choosing, making, cooking and enjoying Italian pasta. It features 150 classic and original recipes from simple yet robust soups to...

  • Leiths Cookery Bible

    Leiths Cookery Bible

    Covers soups, first courses, vegetable dishes, salads, main courses, stocks, sauces, dips, spreads, puddings, cakes, canapes, snacks and garnishes. This title includes 1, 400...

  • Saturday Kitchen Cooking Bible
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    Saturday Kitchen Cooking Bible

    Each weekend, BBC's Saturday Kitchen brings us the world's greatest culinary talents and shows us how to cook delicious food right in our own kitchen. The Saturday Kitchen Cooking...

  • Scottish Food Bible
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    Scottish Food Bible

    New title in the same series as bestselling The Stornoway Black Pudding Bible, The Italian Sausage Bible and The Macsween Haggis Bible.

  • Knitting and Crochet Bible
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    Knitting and Crochet Bible

    Teaching how to knit and crochet, this book contains knitting patterns and crochet patterns. It explains basic techniques through artworks and easy-to-follow instructions. It also...

  • Bag Making Bible
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    Bag Making Bible

    Offers a technique-led approach to sewing your own designer bags and designer purses. This title introduces, explains and demonstrates the myriad of materials, hardware, tools and...

  • The Low-GL Diet Bible
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    The Low-GL Diet Bible

    First published in 2005 in B format as The Holford Low-GL Diet, this book quickly established itself as one of Patrick Holford's core nutrition titles. Patrick is at the forefront...

  • Arbroath Smokie Bible
    Shipping: £2.99

    Arbroath Smokie Bible

    Award winning food hero Iain R. Spink, whose tireless work promoting the Arbroath Smokie has garnered him national acclaim, presents here the story of the Scottish delicacy as well...

  • Scottish Berries Bible
    Shipping: £2.99

    Scottish Berries Bible

    The latest in Birlinn's bestselling Food Bible series features the succulent soft fruits for which Scotland is so renowned - raspberries, Tayberries, redcurrants, blackberries -...

  • Satanic Bible
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    Satanic Bible

    A founder of the Church of Satan explains its philosophies of indulgence and freedom, and discusses Satanic rituals.

  • MasterChef Kitchen Bible
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    MasterChef Kitchen Bible

    A new edition of the best-selling cookbook for all home cooks looking to create and innovate like a MasterChef champion, with new forewords by John Torode and Gregg Wallace to...

  • Children of God Storybook Bible
    Shipping: £2.99

    Children of God Storybook Bible

    A beautiful book of illustrated Bible stories, retold by the world's best-loved cleric.

  • Perfume Bible

    Perfume Bible

    In this lavishly illustrated, comprehensive guide to scent, beauty experts Josephine Fairley and Lorna McKay bring together everything you need to know about perfume.

  • The Optimum Nutrition Bible
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    The Optimum Nutrition Bible

    Optimum nutrition is a revolution in health care - it means giving your body the best possible intake of nutrients to allow you to be as healthy as you can. Through easy-to-follow...

  • Holy Bible: English Standard Version (ESV) Anglicised Purple Compact Gift Edition with Zip
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    Holy Bible: English Standard Version (ESV) Anglicised Purple Compact Gift Edition with Zip

    An attractive, compact edition of the English Standard Version of the Bible; the world's fastest-growing Bible translation. Ideal as a gift or for personal use.

  • The Chocolate Bible
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    The Chocolate Bible

    Indulge yourself with this sumptuous book of all things chocolate. The introduction outlines the history of chocolate-making and consumption around the world, and step-by-step...

  • The Chakra Bible
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    The Chakra Bible

    The Chakra Bible is a guide to understanding every aspect of chakras, the energy-centres in our body that have a profound effect on health, energy and well-being. The book features...

  • Science in Action: Keeping Healthy - Why Do I Brush My Teeth?
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    Science in Action: Keeping Healthy - Why Do I Brush My Teeth?

    A hands-on first science series that uses fun activities to explore the human body - Why do I run?, Why do I brush my teeth?, Why do I wash my hands? and Why do I sleep?

  • My First Bible Stories Old Testament: Noah's Ark
    Shipping: £2.99

    My First Bible Stories Old Testament: Noah's Ark

    Why did Noah build his ark? Read the story of brave Noah and his ark full of noisy animals!

  • Children's Bible
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    Children's Bible

    A Children's Bible that can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. With full-page illustrations that include maps of the ancient lands to highlight stories from the Old and...

  • The Crystal Bible Volume 2
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    The Crystal Bible Volume 2

    Details: The Crystal Bible Volume 2 provides an essential companion reference to the original bible, fully describing the properties of over 200 crystals not found in volume 1....

  • Venison Bible
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    Venison Bible

    The perfect introduction to cooking venison from an acclaimed cookery writer whose MBE was awarded in 2014 for services to the venison industry. Features 40 easy-to-make recipes...

  • Mary Berrys Baking Bible

    Mary Berrys Baking Bible

    Containing baking recipes, this title provides 250 recipes ranging from the classic Victoria Sponge, Very Best Chocolate Cake and Hazelnut Meringue Cake to tempting muffins, scones...

  • Scottish Salmon Bible
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    Scottish Salmon Bible

    The award-winning doyenne of Scottish cookery and entertaining, Claire Macdonald, brings us her recipes for that most versatile & healthy fish, salmon. Another in the great series...

  • Cleaning Bible
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    Cleaning Bible

    You watched the TV programme and you bought the book but is your house still a bit dull round the edges? This work helps you with various tasks of a domestic nature. It features...

  • Collins Beekeeper's Bible

    Collins Beekeeper's Bible

    The most comprehensive beekeeping resource ever published.

  • Contemporary Buttercream Bible
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    Contemporary Buttercream Bible

    The essential reference to modern buttercream icing techniques, with step-by-step instructions and gorgeous photography, plus over 40 stunning cakes to make at home, from cupcakes...

  • Action and Adventure for Two Gift Experience
    Argos Toys and Games
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    Action and Adventure for Two Gift Experience

    Choose 1 from 20 action packed experiences for two. Abseiling, Assault Course, Caving Adventure, Discover Scuba Diving, Explore London, Family Canoe Experience, Hawk Walk, High...

  • Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible
    Shipping: £2.99

    Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible

    In this fully updated edition of their bestselling book, health and beauty experts Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey bring together everything a woman needs to know about feeling...

  • LEGO DC Super Heroes Ready for Action!
    Shipping: £2.99

    LEGO DC Super Heroes Ready for Action!

    Lets you see your favourite LEGO[registered] DC Super Heroes do what they do best - save the day. This title helps you learn about their favourite characters, weapons and vehicles,...

  • Dressmaking Technique Bible
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    Dressmaking Technique Bible

    Offers techniques for designing and making clothes, whether you are following a pattern, adding embellishements, or designing garments from scratch. This book includes illustrated...

  • For Everyone Bible Study Guide: Revelation
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    For Everyone Bible Study Guide: Revelation

    The guides in this series by Tom Wright can be used on their own or alongside his New Testament for Everyone commentaries. This is the companion to Revelation for Everyone (2011),...

  • Brick Bible: The Complete Set
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    Brick Bible: The Complete Set

    Includes two thousand color photographs depicting the major narrative scenes of the Bible. This title brings out the nuances of each scene and can make you reconsider the way you...

  • NIV Holy Bible
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    NIV Holy Bible

    The world's most popular Bible translation in modern English, presented in paperback as a literary classic.

  • The Creativity Hub Rory's Story Cubes: Actions Max

    The Creativity Hub Rory's Story Cubes: Actions Max

    A set of large-size 9-cubes featuring pictograms with different action verb based themes, used to piece together creative stories. The Actions MAX set is just like Rorys Story...

  • Mini Children's Bible
    Shipping: £2.99

    Mini Children's Bible

    Features full-page illustrations and includes maps of the ancient lands to illustrate the stories from the Old and New Testaments. This Children's Bible also includes a...

  • Yoga Bible
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    Yoga Bible

    Yoga brings not only a suppleness to the body but also a sense of spiritual and physical well-being to those who practice it. Featuring over 170 postures from the main schools of...

  • Superman Action Comics Volume 3 - At The End Of Days
    Shipping: £2.99

    Superman Action Comics Volume 3 - At The End Of Days

    Five years ago, Clark Kent moved to Metropolis. Alone but hopeful, he donned a simple t-shirt laden with a giant S, beginning the career of one of the greatest heroes this - or any...

  • The Healing Therapies Bible
    Shipping: £2.99

    The Healing Therapies Bible

    The Healing Therapies Bible profiles more than 50 therapies, explaining the principles on which they are based, their history in practice, and wherever possible, shows them in...

  • Unit Editions Action Time Vision Book
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    Unit Editions Action Time Vision Book

    Action Time Vision, Punk & Post-Punk 7' Record Sleeves [Unit 26] is a celebration of DIY graphics from the punk and post-punk eras. You might call it outsider graphic design. With...