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  • Fever Code
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    Fever Code

    A prequel to the worldwide Maze Runner phenomenon, The Fever Code is the book that holds all the answers. How did WICKED find the Gladers? Who are Group B? And what side are Thomas...

  • Code Book
    Shipping: £2.99

    Code Book

    The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography From the best-selling author of Fermat's Last Theorem, The Code Book is a history of man's urge to uncover the...

  • Coding All-in-One For Dummies

    Coding All-in-One For Dummies

    See all the things coding can accomplish The demand for people with coding know-how exceeds the number of people who understand the languages that power technology. Coding...

  • Coding Club Python: Next Steps Level 2
    Shipping: £2.99

    Coding Club Python: Next Steps Level 2

    A unique series that provides a framework for teaching coding skills.

  • Star Wars - the Bounty Hunter Code (from the Files of Boba Fett)
    Shipping: £2.99

    Star Wars - the Bounty Hunter Code (from the Files of Boba Fett)

    An illustrated guide for all bounty hunters, containing the secrets of the hunt of this misunderstood profession. As well as the bounty hunter philosophy, it also includes...

  • Code to Zero
    Shipping: £2.99

    Code to Zero

    A man with no memory. A race with no rules.

  • Coding Manual
    Shipping: £2.99

    Coding Manual

    The BBC's micro: bits and the interest within the education sector for coding have increased the market potential for books on the subject.

  • Mission Coding
    Shipping: £2.99

    Mission Coding

    Learn how to write code and then build your own website, app and game using HTML, CSS and JavaScript in this essential guide to coding for kids from expert organization Young...

  • Computer Coding Made Easy
    Shipping: £2.99

    Computer Coding Made Easy

    Presents an introduction to computer programming for kids. This book takes kids' step-by-step through the basics of computer programming and how to work with code, the language of...

  • Healing Code
    Shipping: £2.99

    Healing Code

    A ground breaking system from one of the contributors to The Secret: 6 minutes to heal the source of your health, success or relationship issue.

  • Adventures in Coding
    Shipping: £2.99

    Adventures in Coding

    Learn to code the fun way with nine real projects for true beginners Adventures in Coding is written specifically for young people who want to learn how to code, but don't know...

  • Moses Code Frequency Meditation
    Shipping: £2.99

    Moses Code Frequency Meditation

    For the first time, an ancient form of Kabbalistic numerology called Gemantria is being combined with the name of God that was given to Moses at the burning bush: I AM THAT I AM....

  • Super Skills: How to Code in 10 Easy Lessons
    Shipping: £2.99

    Super Skills: How to Code in 10 Easy Lessons

    By breaking this daunting subject down into the 10 'super skills' needed, young readers can to get to grips with computer coding, and build on their skills as they progress through...

  • Torchwood: Exodus Code
    Shipping: £2.99

    Torchwood: Exodus Code

    Women being driven insane by their scrambled senses. Governments and scientists are bewildered and silent. The world needs Torchwood, but there's not much of Torchwood left....

  • AA - The Highway Code
    Shipping: £2.99

    AA - The Highway Code

    Details: Improve your driving standard and stay safe on the road with this comprehensive guide to traffic regulations and laws. The AA has an excellent track record with driving...

  • Coding for Beginners
    Shipping: £2.99

    Coding for Beginners

    This friendly book covers the basics of Scratch coding, with step-by-step instructions showing children how to use code to create games and animations, from racing cars to virtual...

  • Code Name Verity
    Shipping: £2.99

    Code Name Verity

    Only in wartime could a stalwart lass from Manchester rub shoulders with a Scottish aristocrat, one a pilot, the other a special operations executive. When a vital mission goes...

  • Secret Codes - Timed Puzzles
    Shipping: £2.99

    Secret Codes - Timed Puzzles

    65+ timed puzzles to test your skill! Each puzzle gets gradually more complex, until you meet the ultimate challenge - a secret code puzzle so hard that you'll be tempted to look...

  • Send Code of Practice 0-25 Years

    Send Code of Practice 0-25 Years

    This book guides practitioners to not only meet the requirements, but improve outcomes for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in line with...

  • Lorenz - Breaking Hitlers Top Secret Code at Bletchley Park
    Shipping: £2.99

    Lorenz - Breaking Hitlers Top Secret Code at Bletchley Park

    The breaking of the Enigma machine is one of the most heroic stories of the Second World War and highlights the crucial work of the codebreakers of Bletchley Park, which prevented...

  • Toads Road Code
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    Toads Road Code

    Details: When Toad goes to visit his cousin, he decides to take him a delicious cake to share for tea. But however will he get across that very busy road? What he needs is a toad...

  • Star Wars Coding Projects
    Shipping: £2.99

    Star Wars Coding Projects

    Star Wars Coding Projects is a step-by-step visual guide to designing and coding in Scratch. The setting is as big as your imagination. Your favourite Star Wars characters will...

  • Talent Code
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    Talent Code

    Talent. You've either got it or you haven't'. Not true, actually. This book draws on research to reveal that, far from being some abstract mystical power fixed at birth, ability...

  • Emoji Code
    Shipping: £2.99

    Emoji Code

    The Emoji Code shows that, far from signalling the death knell of language, emoji works alongside the same structures that language has used for millennia and enriches our ability...

  • Coding For Kids For Dummies
    Shipping: £2.99

    Coding For Kids For Dummies

    An easy-to-grasp introduction to coding concepts for kids Coding For Kids For Dummies breaks coding into a series of small projects, each designed to teach...

  • Get Set Go Computing - Algorithms and Coding
    Shipping: £2.99

    Get Set Go Computing - Algorithms and Coding

    Easy-to-follow, practical activities help young learners get to grips with computing. Readers can learn about algorithms, plan their own code and begin to test and debug existing...

  • Coding Club Python: Building Big Apps Level 3
    Shipping: £2.99

    Coding Club Python: Building Big Apps Level 3

    A unique series that provides a framework for teaching coding skills.

  • Code of the Street
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    Code of the Street

  • Form+code in Design, Art, and Architecture
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