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  • The Queen's Agent: Francis Walsingham at the Court of Elizabeth I
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    The Queen's Agent: Francis Walsingham at the Court of Elizabeth I

    Elizabeth I came to the throne at a time of insecurity and unrest. Spain plotted an invasion, but Elizabeth's Secretary, Francis Walsingham, was prepared to do whatever it took to...

  • Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother - The Official Biography
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    Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother - The Official Biography

    Written with complete access to the Queen Mother's personal letters and diaries, William Shawcross' riveting biography is the truly definitive account of this remarkable woman,...

  • Queen Elizabeth II
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    Queen Elizabeth II

    Elizabeth II has lived through Abdication, the Blitz and World War Two, the sex and spy scandals of the swinging sixties, the Cold War and the nuclear threat and the Fall of the...

  • Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
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    Elizabeth, the Queen Mother

    From her privileged aristocratic childhood, to the abdication and the problems with Diana, this book questions how the Queen Mother faced her challenges and crises, assess her...

  • Anne Neville Richard III's Tragic Queen
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    Anne Neville Richard III's Tragic Queen

    The real story of the 'Kingmaker's Daughter'. Published to coincide with the reburial of Richard III

  • Scarecrow Queen
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    Scarecrow Queen

    The final battle is here... As the Sleeping Prince tightens his hold on the land, the net closes in on the ragged band of rebels trying desperately to defeat him. The end is coming...

  • Queen and I
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    Queen and I

    When a Republican party wins the General Election, their first act in power is to strip the royal family of their assets and titles and send them to live on a housing estate in the...

  • Two Weeks with the Queen
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    Two Weeks with the Queen

    Colin Mudford is on a quest. His brother Luke has cancer and the doctors in Australia don't seem to be able to cure him. Sent to London to stay with relatives, Colin is desperate...

  • Elizabeth's Spymaster
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    Elizabeth's Spymaster

    The incredible real life story of the world's first super spy

  • The Other Queen
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    The Other Queen

    A dramatic novel of passion, politics and betrayal from the author of The Other Boleyn Girl. Mary, Queen of Scots, fights to regain her kingdom whilst under the guard of Queen...

  • Three Sisters Three Queens
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    Three Sisters Three Queens

    From the Number One New York Times bestselling author, a riveting new Tudor story featuring Katherine of Aragon, and King Henry VIII's sisters Margaret and Mary, chronicling the...

  • The Secret Queen
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    The Secret Queen

    When Edward IV died in 1483, the Yorkist succession was called into question by doubts about the legitimacy of his sons (the `Princes in the Tower'). John Ashdown-Hill argues that...

  • Taming of the Queen
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    Taming of the Queen

    Who was Kateryn Parr, Henry VIII's last wife? Faithful wife and scholarly queen, or a heretic and disloyal, faithless citizen before the Tudor court?

  • Divorced Beheaded Died - The History Of Britains Kings And Queens
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    Divorced Beheaded Died - The History Of Britains Kings And Queens

    Details: From Henry VIII dispatching his numerous wives to Edward VIII's unprecedented abdication, Britain's monarchs have been responsible for shaping some of the most dramatic...

  • Tyranny of Queens
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    Tyranny of Queens

    The portal fantasy is reinvented for today's readers, in the second of the acclaimed Manifold Worlds series.

  • Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards
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    Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards

    Mother Mary is beloved for the purity of her compassion, nurturing, and protection. She cares deeply about each of us, and gives us tender motherly advice about every part of life....

  • Dork Diaries: Drama Queen
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    Dork Diaries: Drama Queen

    More diary entries and doodles from Nikki's not-so-fabulous life, in the ninth instalment of the phenomenally successful Dork Diaries series.

  • Elizabeth Woodville - Mother of the Princes in the Tower
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    Elizabeth Woodville - Mother of the Princes in the Tower

    Elizabeth Woodville is undoubtedly a historical character whose life no novelist would ever have dared invent. She has been portrayed as an enchantress; as an unprincipled advancer...

  • Chaos Queen - Duskfall
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    Chaos Queen - Duskfall

    Stuck with arrows and close to death, a man is pulled from the icy waters of the Gulf of Nahl. Winter, a seemingly quiet young fisherman's daughter, harbours a secret addiction...

  • Heinemann Advanced History: Reign of Elizabeth
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    Heinemann Advanced History: Reign of Elizabeth

    Containing sample exam questions at both AS and A2 levels, this text aims to show students what makes a good answer and why it scores high marks. It should help students grasp the...

  • Queen Victoria's Children
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    Queen Victoria's Children

    Queen Victoria and Albert, Prince Consort had nine children who despite their very different characters, remained a close-knit family. This title tells the story of their lives in...

  • Elizabeth
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    Published to accompany a Channel 4 series, Starkey turns the paradox into a person. This new approach to the enigma of Elizabeth's character presents a retelling of her reign, her...

  • Elizabeth and Mary
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    Elizabeth and Mary

    This is the first biography of the fateful relationship between Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots. It was the defining relationship of their lives, and marked the intersection of...

  • Kings and Queens of England
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    Kings and Queens of England

    A beautifully illustrated companion to the Royal family throughout history

  • The Red Queen
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    The Red Queen

    The second book in Philippa's stunning new trilogy, The Cousins War, brings to life the story of Margaret Beaufort, a shadowy and mysterious character in the first book of the...

  • The Snow Queen
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    The Snow Queen

    -A richly symbolic tale exploring the theme of the battle between good and evil and celebrating the ultimate power of courage and friendship. -Highly atmospheric, portraying the...

  • Mary Tudor - Englands First Queen
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    Mary Tudor - Englands First Queen

    In the summer of 1553, against all odds, Mary Tudor was the first woman to be crowned Queen of England. Anna Whitelock's absorbing debut tells the remarkable story of a woman who...

  • Britain's Kings and Queens
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    Britain's Kings and Queens

    Presents history in words and pictures of Britain's 56 sovereigns from Alfred the Great in the 9th century to our reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. This book includes family...

  • Queens Consort
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    Queens Consort

    England from the perspective of its consort queens - a distaff history of the nation from 1066 to 1503.

  • Game of Queens
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    Game of Queens

    A BBC History Magazine Book of the Year - the rise and fall of the women who ruled sixteenth-century Europe

  • The White Queen
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    The White Queen

    The tale of one woman's ambitious ascent to royalty during the Wars of the Roses and the unsolved mystery around her sons' imprisonment in the Tower

  • Isabella of France - The Rebel Queen
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    Isabella of France - The Rebel Queen

    Isabella of France married Edward II in January 1308, and afterwards became one of the most notorious women in English history. In 1325, she was sent to her homeland to negotiate a...

  • The Summer Queen
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    The Summer Queen

    Details: Eleanor of Aquitaine's story is legendary. She is an icon who has fascinated readers for over eight hundred years. But the real Eleanor remains elusive - until now. Based...

  • Kings and Queens of the Middle Ages
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    Kings and Queens of the Middle Ages

    England, 1154. As Henry II seizes the throne after years of turmoil, a new dynasty is poised to haul this hitherto turbulent nation out from the Dark Ages and transform it into the...

  • Constant Queen
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    Constant Queen

    A daring queen. A Viking warrior. An epic love story.

  • The Snow Queen Book and Jigsaw Pack
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    The Snow Queen Book and Jigsaw Pack

    The Snow Queen Book and Puzzle Pack is a sparkling carry case that contains a beautifully illustrated book of the classic wintry tale The Snow Queen, plus a magical 36-piece jigsaw...

  • The Midnight Queen
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    The Midnight Queen

    Gray Marshall's Britain is a fragmented kingdom of many tongues, many gods and many magics. But all that concerns Gray is returning as soon as possible to his studies at Merlin...

  • Elizabeths London
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    Elizabeths London

    Like its acclaimed companion volumes, Restoration London, Dr Johnson's London and Victorian London, this book is the result of the author's passionate interest in the practical...

  • Queen of Wishful Thinking
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    Queen of Wishful Thinking

    Milly Johnson writes warm, funny and poignant novels about the universal issues of friendship, family, love, good food and that little bit of magic in life that sometimes visits...

  • Blacklist: Elizabeth Keen's Journal

    Blacklist: Elizabeth Keen's Journal

    Elizabeth Keen's Journal will be a lavish visual celebration of the hugely popular and critically acclaimed show, The Blacklist. Presented as if Elizabeth herself has been...