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  • Napoleon
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    Tracing Napoleon's career, Frank McLynn begins with his Corsican roots, through the years of the French Revolution and the military triumphs, to the coronation in 1804, and...

  • Napoleon Complex
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    Napoleon Complex

    Napoleon stood before a stormy sky. In his hand was a scroll, and on that scroll were characters. Etruscan characters. Reporter Jake Wosley has seen things he never thought...

  • Cavalry that Broke Napoleon
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    Cavalry that Broke Napoleon

    On 18 June 1815, Napoleon and Wellington took to the fields of Waterloo for one final, decisive battle - a battle that would put an end to over two decades of warfare and determine...

  • The Napoleon Of Crime
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    The Napoleon Of Crime

    Details: The rumbustious true story of the Victorian master thief who was the model for Conan Doyle’s Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes’ arch-rival.Adam Worth was the greatest master...

  • Napoleon's Military Machine
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    Napoleon's Military Machine

    Haythornthwaite brings his reputation as a leading Napoleonic historian to bear on the examination of all parts of the French army: the cavalry, infantry, artillery, Imperial...